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An old story.

The all business started by pure chance. The Fuggetta family used to run a family foodstore in the historic centre of Lavello, while living in the back of it. One day, the mother of the today’s owners, Ms. Michelina, prepared a tomato pizza for her children to eat. The scent of the pizza spread in the front shop and stimulated the desire to eat from the customers at that moment in there. Consequently, they wanted to buy and so they did, notwithstanding the reluctance to sell .

From that moment the activity took off : as the demand for pizzas increased, the production capacity increased and improved. Also the range of products was enlarged : from pizza only to scaldatelli, almond and chocolate calzoncelli, quaresimali and oven pastries, at the beginning produced during Christmas and Easter only, today the year long.

Currently in a modern laboratory are offered in addition to the focacce of all kinds, scaldatelli, calzoncelli of almond and chocolate, quaresimali and biscuits.

Biscottificio Fuggetta
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II , 168 - 85024 Lavello (Pz) – Italy